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Santa Clara Patrol Provider Discusses Upcoming Tech That Will Keep You Safe


Protecting corporate finances, strategic plans, and proprietary information is a primary goal of security technology. Two new developments may create exciting options for data safety in the cyber world, which should especially be of interest to those high level individuals who make use of executive protection.

Keystroke Dynamics

Unlike fingerprint readers, keystroke biometrics learns how users type and will lock out anyone who has a different pattern or speed of keystroke behaviors. This program is easy to use and fairly inexpensive since it is a background operation on the computer system. The risk of being hacked by keylogger malware is minimal; keystroke dynamics recognizes that no one types exactly the same way each time. If identical typing patterns occur, the program will lock the system down before data can be hacked. While this system offers a great additional layer of protection, it has yet to be embraced in many real-world applications, although many start-ups are banking that this will change.


Researchers at Binghamton University conducted a study on brain mapping. They showed 50 subjects 500 images intended to elicit a neutral response and recorded their brain responses using electrodes. Each person had a unique response to the pictures, and researchers were surprised to find that they could identify who was looking at which picture simply from viewing their brain activity.

The study was not performed with applications in mind that would intrigue a security guard company, but the concept has taken that turn. Unlike fingerprints, which can be stolen and copied, the brainprints can be “reset,” making them a potentially effective security measure.

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