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Bay Area Security Guard Company Provides Insight on Residential Safety


If you own an older home, or if you’re shopping for one, you may need to invest in structural and technological updates to keep your family safe. Conduct a security inspection or hire an expert, such as a security guard company, to identify the areas that need to be addressed. Let’s review critical areas one by one and discuss what generally needs to be done.

Doors and Windows

Are the window frames strong and free of rot, and are the locks up-to-date and capable of preventing break-ins? The windows of many older homes cannot prevent even basic smash-and-grab style thefts. Solid doors may help you feel secure, but if you have no simple way to see who might be lurking on your doorstep, you may need to replace your doors and/or install security technologies.

Outdated Security Hardware

Older smoke and carbon monoxide detectors tend to be far inferior to those on the market today. Current models detect problems sooner, giving you more time to address dangerous leaks or fires and take your family to safety. Outdated security alarms that are wired to doors and windows may be compromised by faulty wiring or mold. Even when they work properly, these systems don’t allow for remote viewing of the doors and windows or off-site control of lights and other features.

Don’t place your trust in an outdated system, especially since so many effective, inexpensive, and easy-to-install security options with quality alarm response features exist.

Don’t Get Left Behind in the San Jose Alarm Response Game

Orion Security understands the safety needs of Bay Area home and business owners. We can conduct on-site assessments of your current security systems and recommend appropriate upgrades. We also offer security patrol services to provide another level of safety for you and your family. Contact us today at (800) 564-5105 for insight into your needs.

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