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Residential Safety Issues Discussed By A Bay Area Security Patrol Company

Palo Alto Security Companies And Residential Safety

The key to an HOA security plan is to address the four D’s — Detect, Deter, Delay, and Deny — to reduce the threat of theft or violence in the neighborhood or condominium. Address the following 10 common security mistakes to improve the safety of your community.

  1. Lack of a safety audit or assessment to identify risk areas. Few HOAs conduct this assessment, and fewer still have the expertise to do it effectively. The best option is to hire a security company to conduct the audit.
  2. Using the right tools the wrong way. Use technology and security guards appropriately, both in terms of location and timeframe, to address potential problems.
  3. Lack of a service contract for installed technology. The second law of thermodynamics stipulates that security systems, like all systems, break down over time. Obtain a service contract to get immediate repair when needed, so you don’t have to wait for the next HOA meeting to ensure safety.
  4. Lack of a cohesive safety plan. Many security measures are reactive, implemented in response to specific situations. Each security initiative adds a new layer to the process until it becomes unwieldly and ineffective. Create a comprehensive plan that’s not overly ornate.
  5. Ignorance of legal issues. Homeowners have a duty to provide a safe and secure environment; such issues must be addressed by the HOA.
  6. Disregard of building codes. You may require a building permit or a fire marshal inspection to install various security measures. Save time, money, and hassle by managing these issues appropriately.
  7. Reliance solely on electronic surveillance tools. These systems can enhance security, but you still need an educated, alert team to monitor the tech and respond to issues.
  8. Creation of a Conflict of Interest to save money. HOAs often hire members to provide security tools or services. If a problem occurs, finger pointing will follow. Avoid this hassle by looking at independent security patrol companies and hiring one.
  9. Lack of appropriate lighting. Lighting and maintaining public areas can deter illegal acts.
  10. Lack of community education. The HOA may implement security measures, but unless the residents know what they are and how the systems work, the systems can create more problems than they solve.

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