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San Jose Security Guard Company Discusses How Loss Prevention Starts With Training

Security Guard Company Shares Loss Prevention Tips

Shoplifting is the primary cause of stock loss in most retail stores. Reduce the risk of theft and protect your bottom line by following these loss prevention tips:

  • Staff Training. Teach your employees the most common methods for hiding stolen merchandise, such as in strollers, bags, umbrellas and purchased merchandise. Show them how to identify price swapping scams. Train them how to address potential shoplifting situations, and provide them with a verbal code to use to alert other employees to a problematic circumstance.
  • Signage. Use signs that specifically state that shoplifters will be prosecuted. Post these signs near the entrance to your store and in areas where thieves may go to conceal stolen merchandise. Sometimes in place of or in addition to signs, a professional security guard company employee may be worth staffing to bring an extra level of attention to your stores commitment to loss prevention and customer protection.
  • Mirrors and Cameras. Mirrors offer an inexpensive way to monitor areas of your store that are difficult for staff to see. Cameras offer more protection but come with a higher price tag. Short of a security patrol, mirrors and cameras create good deterrents to thwart would-be shoplifters
  • Inventory Management. Frequently update inventory to identify employee theft problems as well as catalog the items most often stolen. Then adjust your deterrent methods based on feedback.
  • POS Systems. Limit who has the authority to void transactions, since unethical employees commonly steal merchandise using this method. When creating these limits, do so by person name rather than by job title to limit any individual’s ability to bypass your controls.

Our Bay Area Security Patrol Company Can Help

Scheduling security guards during peak business hours is another effective measure that can dramatically reduce the likelihood of theft. At the same time, having a uniformed security company remove your staff from an enforcement roll while increasing your customers sense of security can make everyone safer and more at ease. Orion Security provides many affordable services to retail companies that include bay area alarm response, patrols, and closing time security. Contact us at (800) 564-5105 or send us a message to learn about a variety of ways we can protect your business.

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