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Learn What Goes Into Selecting The Best of The Santa Clara Security Patrol Companies


A security guard company does more than just protect your business from criminals. If your customers often get harassed, threatened, mugged, robbed, or even harmed in the vicinity of your premise, your reputation takes a nosedive. If you are not certain on how having a security guard will help your business, here are a few reasons:

  • Your clients feel safer and develop more confidence in you as a business when they note the presence of a trained security official. The mere presence of a guard will deter crime by a great deal.
  • You can have peace of mind when you are closed knowing that your business is under keen watch by a security patrol company.
  • Volatile workplace situations involving unhappy customers or displeased employees can occur at a moment’s notice. Who best to defuse the situation before it gets out of hand than the security guard stationed at your premises?
  • In case of a real situation, you are better protected by a trained professional than by a gun or a bat stuffed under the counter. These security guards are your first line of defense before the local law enforcements comes in to quell the danger.

If you are considering the prospect of hiring a security guard company but don’t know where to start, there are five important questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Do I Need a Security Guard?

Look around you. Is your business in a generally safe location or is it in a well-known crime hotspot? Have you had reports or incidents concerning your employees’ or clients’ safety being threatened by shady individuals around your premises? Have the other businesses in the neighborhood had break-ins or robberies recently? These are just but a few questions you need to ask yourself when considering whether to hire a security guard company.

If any of the answers to those questions is a yes, you are in need of protection. The kind of business you are running also directly determines the level of security needed at your establishment. A bakery and a jewelry store do not face the same security risks.

2. Armed or Unarmed Guards?

Hiring armed guards for a business establishment is almost always recommended. The difference in price between armed and unarmed security guards is almost negligible considering the fact that the level of security offered by armed guards is almost similar to that offered by local law enforcement. In the event of a violent robbery, who would you rather have at your service?

3. How Do I Know Which Companies to Pick?

Naturally, you would lean towards the big, reputable companies with all the flashy advertisements in the media. You can be forgiven for thinking that their services would be superior. The truth is, most of the big names in the security industry have commercialized their services so much that you cannot expect to get the best value for your money.

When it comes to matters concerning security, an underpaid or overworked guard is not who you want manning your premises. Smaller private security firms will offer you way better services at a more reasonable cost simply because they are trying to fight their way through the competition. Their staff are better trained, more motivated, and quite often, better paid. So when it comes to selecting a security company, thinking smaller is better.

4. Can Pricing be an Obstacle?

In the security industry, you really do get what you pay for. The cheaper you go, the more substandard the services will be, and this defeats the whole point of getting patrol services or executive protection in the first place. If you land on a nice, reputable company, chances are they will be willing to have a sit-down and try to work around your budget with you. Ask as many questions and read all of the fine print involved; this way you will know exactly what to expect for the money you are paying.

5. What Next after Agreeing on Terms?

The most probable scenario to follow would be hammering out the finer details such as the number of security guards you need, vehicle patrols, the specific patrol times, and length of the contract. All of this will then be implemented into the contract which (after thorough revision) you will be asked to sign. Once the agreement has been finalized, you will be in direct contact with management and you will work together in tweaking the preset agreement until you are fully satisfied.

Bay Area Security Guards Aid a Company’s Safety

Security is crucial to the survival of any business. The safety of your clients and employees is in your hands. It is imperative that you maintain a safe and secure environment for more productivity, booming business, and guaranteed peace of mind. If you’re in the Bay Area, contact us at (800) 564-5105 and get started on the path of securing the best security services for your company.

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