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Bay Area Security Guard Company Discusses The Importance of Appearance


To be effective, security personnel must be easily recognizable in a manner that reflects authority, confidence, and reliability. This uniformed presence deters criminal activity and increases the sense of well-being felt by the client and their customers. The type and style of uniform worn by the personnel of a security guard company has a psychological impact on the public and increases their ability to successfully perform their duties.

Security companies that understand this impact provide a variety of uniforms for their personnel depending on their work environment and client goals.

  • Patrols. Security guards patrolling malls, retail stores, and industrial buildings should wear law enforcement–style uniforms. This outfit grants them immediate authority and makes them visible and easy to identify. The presence of a uniformed guard deters theft and other crimes. The law enforcement–style uniform also instills confidence in guests and employees, who will seek assistance if needed.
  • Stationary Guards. Security personnel who are responsible for building access should also wear easy-to-identify uniforms. Visitors entering a building are more likely to comply with security protocols when faced with personnel dressed in a law enforcement–style uniform.
  • Officer-receptionists. This dual role position can save businesses money while protecting the employees and trade secrets. The security personnel may be in uniform or work clothing depending on the level of discretion required by the company.

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Orion Security provides clients with a variety of uniformed and non-uniformed security personnel options. From patrols to stationary security, we utilize the latest technologies, and our highly-trained uniformed personnel are outfitted to instill a sense of public confidence that also ensures criminal deterrence. Visit our website, or call us today at (800) 564-5105 to learn how we can help you keep your employees and customers safe.

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