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Bay Area Security Patrol and Monitoring Firm Discusses Responding to Suspicious Activity


With today’s increased criminal activity, sophisticated technology, and slow police response, you can never be so sure of your safety. You need to hire one of the best security companies you can afford plus a high-end device that will react and alert them on your behalf whenever there is a quick, thought out, and highly planned break-in. To cut to the chase, you need a helping hand from a security patrol company that can respond to your alarm’s call the moment an intruder sets his or her feet on your property. Here are some reasons why this is important.

Here are 8 benefits of hiring private security companies:

1) Cut the costs of hiring several guards

Hiring a private company to respond to your alarm’s call will not only save you lots of trouble but will also help cut the costs involved in hiring several security officers.

2) Off-site monitoring

Thanks to ever advancing technology, you can now hire a full alarm response team to watch over your property from their monitoring stations. In short, they don’t need to be on your property to react to a situation. To achieve this, they will install surveillance cameras all over your compound to make it easier for them to detect anything suspicious and respond quickly whenever there is a break-in, accident, or fire.

3) Quick response to save a situation

Hiring a local security company enables the alarm response team to detect and deactivate a faulty alarm, preventing you being fined for a false alarm. This will not only help cut some costs but will also help you maintain a healthy relationship with your local authority.

4) 24/7 security to cover the shifts

By hiring a security guard company, you don’t have to worry about paying more whenever something happens. They have their employees that work in solo shifts, ensuring that your property is guarded 24/7, day and night.

5) They’ll be on your property moments after experiencing a blackout

When your power goes off, your alarm won’t be able to alert the security patrol. In many cases, the power will be cut by the intruder. In other cases, darkness on your property might encourage intrusion. Don’t worry. Immediately after experiencing a blackout, the alarm response team will be alerted, and officers will arrive at your property to ensure that you are safe.

6) Low profile monitoring

You don’t need to worry about the security patrol team upsetting and/or making your neighbors and visitors uncomfortable. They will patrol and secure your entire property like undercover cops would, meaning no one will notice that they are being watched.

7) Good for your insurance

Your insurance company will only compensate you for what you’ve lost (if you represent your case properly). Most security companies will offer you a real time report on everything that takes place on your property, making it easier for you to defend your claim. They can also create a report of anything happening on your property, alerting you of any issue immediately after detecting one.

8) Equipment monitoring

If you have materials or equipment that need to be kept at a particular temperature, the security team will regularly check in to ensure this happens. They’re trained to make these adjustments whenever they are needed.

Experts in San Jose Alarm Response

In today’s world, you can’t trust your environment. You must always keep watch for anything suspicious and intruders with unknown intentions. Save yourself some costs and lots of trouble by working hand in hand with a dedicated alarm response team like Orion Security. We can customize a security plan to meet your needs—including uniformed security guards, mobile patrol, surveillance, and alarm response. Contact us online today to request a quote!

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