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Small Business Security

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So you have quit your boring 9-5 job, saved up enough capital to start your choice of small businesses and have resolved to live a life of your dreams where you are the only boss. Well, the perks of being a small business owner are many but, with that there are also many responsibilities associated in terms of procuring security surveillance as your business starts to grow. Let us look into what could be the 5 most important things to consider before you buy a small business security system.

  1. Selection of Security Equipment

There are different kinds of security equipment available in the market today to cater to various kinds of demands. These include sensors, security cameras, detectors and the list goes on as they all have various categories in different price ranges. For your small business to be secured from any internal or external threats, you have to know what would work out best based on your research. Specific equipment needs to be used that would suit your work situation. Also, a choice needs to be made as to whether you can fix them on your own or will need a security company to take care of that.

  1. Interior or Exterior Security

Depending on the type of business you run, you may need only exterior security for protection from criminals or thieves trying to intrude inside your building. However, if you do store expensive inventory, equipment or confidential documents you may also need to consider having an interior security system in place. It is a known fact that legally, evidence of theft or damage is important to prove the crime and get just compensation in terms of an insurance claim and sometimes there could be a lot of money involved in damages.

  1. Self-Monitoring or Professional Security System

Considering the size and scope of your business you may decide to monitor the security system of your business premises yourself. Sometimes, even a small sized business may require some level of professional monitoring as it is not predictable as to how much time and resources you can personally invest in security rather than using your valuable time towards the growth and success of your business. Getting a reasonable, reputed and professional security system could be worth the small monthly fee in the long term.

  1. Install yourself or Get the Professionals

Are you a handy person and confident enough to install, test run and determine whether the security system you have chosen for your business is optimum? If not, hire a professional. Let them do their job well and for a small fee they will ensure that the security system is foolproof and leave you less to worry about.

  1. Education of Employees and Clearances

Once you have the right equipment installed as per specifications of the security system you have chosen, it is very important to train your staff. Educate your employees on operating the surveillance system, what internal or external threats to look for, decide on who will be in command to arm and disarm the alarms in case of an untoward incident, deciding on unique access codes etc. The nitty-gritty of getting required security clearance is also important.

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Based on where your business is located and the size of the establishment you have to consider all the above factors while choosing the surveillance system for the safety of your employees and the security of your small business. Still not sure? Contact us today at (800) 564-5105 for an assessment of your business security needs. 

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