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Crime usually costs businesses millions of dollars every year. Crime can be incredibly devastating for small businesses who lose both the employees and customers when a crime occurs. Here we discuss the common responses small business owners have when falling victim of a crime, and what can be done to prevent crimes.

Situations where small businesses have fallen victim to crime and burglary, their first response has always been a change in the hours of operation. Other notable changes include a rise in prices to cover the damages that may have encountered and closure of or relocation of the entire business to another region. Fear of crime can lead to the isolation of business, and this isolation normally increases susceptibility to crime.

Assisting small businesses to reduce crime should be a communal effort. Law enforcement officers and security guard companies can work hand in hand with business owners to not only improve security but to also design their spaces to minimize risk. Furthermore, small businesses can come together and alert each other to both suspicious activities and crime patterns. Crime prevention is not only cost effective, but it is also exceedingly easier and safer than using resources to locate and prosecute a criminal. Here is a breakdown of the preventive measures that small businesses can employ to improve security and also minimize risks.

As a business owner, you should take your time to evaluate your business i.e. facilities, building, practices, and employees. There is no person who knows and understands your business more than you do. Thus, you should ask yourself where you think your business may be vulnerable and then employ corrective measures. You should place the following basic principles under consideration.

Use of Unique Identification Numbers and Employee Training

First, begin by training to all of your employees, including the cleaning staff so that they become familiar with the business’s security patrols and know your expectations. Additionally, you should also document this training and ensure that each person receives a copy of the same. By doing, you will be able to identify problems easily later on, especially when the employees will be deviated from your plan. You should also make a point of marking all your equipment with unique identifying numbers or marks. Despite the fact that some equipment such as computers, cash registers, and typewriters may have their serial numbers, you should not rely on those. The serial numbers can be removed easily.

Security Improvements

Finally, you should consider the costs involved in security improvements through loss reduction. You may be surprised how efficient security guard patrols can be. Just like video surveillance, security guard patrol works well against potential vandalism and employee theft. Thus, there are several reliable security guard companies offer security guard patrols at affordable rates.

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