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Small Business Security

Security camera in grocery store, close-up

A majority of business owners normally work extremely hard to ensure that their businesses are not only safe from theft but also fraud. However, losses from theft are still the main reasons why many of the small businesses struggle. Apart from struggling financially, theft can also lead businesses and business owners to file for bankruptcy. It is exceedingly important to note that irrespective as to how immune your business may appear to be; theft can still happen. It is high time to protect your business, your future, and your investment against theft by employing the following measures.

Keep the Burglar Out

An exceedingly sturdy lock will not only discourage a timid burglar, but it will also make an experienced one work hard. Experts recommend pin cylinder locks as the best protection since they are the hardest to pick. Additionally, the lock should also be a dead-bolt lock, which will require either a knob or key to set it. Such locks cannot be opened by sliding a celluloid in between the jamb and the edge, which normally works on locks, which catch automatically when the door is closed. If you are looking for the best lock, then you should ensure that your business uses a double cylinder deadlock, which normally requires the use of a key from either side.

Use Special Glass and Gratings

Doorway gratings and heavy metal window screens are a rather inexpensive and excellent way to protect your display cases. Despite the fact that burglar resistant glass can be broken, it will require continual hammering to break it.

Make the Safe Safer

Irrespective of the shape and weight, safes can be bolted near the front end of the store. Placing the safe on the front end of the store will ensure that any suspicious activities can be seen easily from the streets especially during nighttime. Apart from setting the safe near the front end of the store, always ensure that huge amounts of cash are banked before nighttime. Additionally, it is also highly advisable to equip safes with a silent alarm system.

Install Silent Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are undoubtedly the most prominent means of burglar protection. One alarm system, which will unquestionably give your business the best protection, is the silent central station. This type of alarm will go off either in a police station or a private protection agency. What makes this kind of alarm suitable for your business, is that the alarm will be automatically triggered without the knowledge of the burglar who will continue working. Cheaper alarm systems must be avoided at all costs because; they will not only alert the burglars but will also wake up the entire neighborhood.

Bay Area Alarm Response

There are several types of alarm sensing devices to choose from. You can select those that use invisible beams, to those that function using motion radar sensors. If you a resident of Bay Area or its environs, there are several reliable Bay Area security guards company that you can choose from. One such alarm response company is Orion Security. We are a San Jose Security Company with a proven record of accomplishment. Contact us online today for a free quote.

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