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Orion Security Patrol Empty Office Building March 2020

With businesses sending employees to work remotely, or even closing to comply with shelter-in-place mandates, offices around the Bay Area sit empty. Our clients have put the necessary security measures in place to protect their property investments, so we remain on the job fulfilling our professional security guard contracts. Having well-trained security personnel safeguarding their premises will prevent theft, vandalism, and other misbehavior around the facility. 

Bay Area Security Companies Guarding Empty Office Buildings

We wish all companies and the people of the Bay Area the best as we all deal with these incredibly stressful and unusual circumstances.

Here are some of the services we will be delivering to our clients:

A sense of heightened security

Hiring a security guard allows clients to deal with other challenges, knowing professional security personnel are safeguarding the facility. Similarly, employees and customers who do need to visit stores and offices will feel safer when in and around the building. 

Crime prevention

Security guards have the right training to help deter crime in and around the workplace. Once they notice any suspicious persons or activity, they will take the necessary steps before the problem escalates. Security guards will also respond to different situations that arise on the premises promptly.

Efficient handling of security issues

In the event of a crime or unlawful invasion of a client’s business, a security guard will provide the first line of defense. They have the knowledge and skills to handle a wide range of security concerns, but also have the right equipment to manage security situations. Whenever necessary, the security guard will also help to prepare a loss prevention report and help the police to solve crimes.

Real-time monitoring

While security cameras will capture the moments of crime, security patrol services will help in monitoring the premises to discourage incidents. The guards will monitor surveillance footage and patrol the area to minimize the chances of nuisance behavior that could lead to damage or theft.

Work With an Experienced Private Security Agency to Protect Your Offices and Property

Before contacting a reputable San Jose security company, you should know the type of security guard and coverage you want to hire. At Orion Security, we employ different types of security guards to meet the different needs of our customers. Contact us to discuss your security needs and learn how we can help.

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