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Your Business Could Use a Bay Area Security Company

In the wake of cyber-attacks and data breaches experienced across the globe, most entrepreneurs and business managers think of encryption and firewalls when they hear of data security. Too often, companies overlook the role physical security plays in deterring burglars and malicious persons from gaining access to such data. This post points out some areas of your business’ physical security that are most vulnerable.

Uninformed or careless employees

Untrained employees or those that are not security conscious are the biggest threat to your business’s security. You are exposed to such vulnerabilities as poor password protection, inappropriate and insecure downloading of files, clicking on spam links and so on. When it comes to physical security, these employees will not be able to identify threats or how to react in case of a security breach.

Unsecured entryways

Unless you work in a small office with only a single point of entry, you need some form of access control to your business premises. A good access control system ensures that only authorized personnel have access to all or certain areas of the property. Put in place measures on how you will deal with issues such as badge abuse and how to improve emergency response times. Having San Jose security guards at your points of entry is also an effective way of deterring malicious persons.

Unmonitored areas

Installing a surveillance system is an effective way of preventing crime. Most Palo Alto security companies provide round-the-clock business surveillance alongside alarm response and other security solutions. Put out clear signage that the premise is under surveillance. People are less likely to engage in criminal activity if they know they are being watched.

Dim exteriors or car parks

You will be surprised that adding exterior lights and lighting up your business’s car park can improve your business’s security. If you are worried about high utility bills, consider installing motion-sensing lights that light up when anyone comes within proximity of your business when it’s dark.

Bay Area Security Guard Services are Critical to Business

Securing these vulnerable areas will help enhance your business’ physical security. Do not forget simple and often overlooked security threats such as stolen or misplaced staff identification cards, stolen documents, and so on. Learn more about your organization’s physical security by getting in touch with the leading Bay Area security guard company: Orion Security. We’ll take the time to assess your business and recommend suitable physical security measures. Contact us through our website here.

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