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These Projects Get The Best Physical Security Results

Don’t wait for a security incident to beef-up the security at your home or business. There are plenty of DIY projects that you- or any layman- can do to improve security, safety, and peace of mind. There is no time like the present to pay some much-needed attention to the security of your property and loved ones with simple solutions and common-sense strategies. You may also find that it is prudent to consult with a San Jose security company to learn more.

Eight Projects that you can do to help improve home security are:

Enhance Lighting
The first thing that you can do to enhance security is to improve your property’s lighting. Add outdoor floodlights to illuminate your landscape and footlights to prevent a fall.

Use Deadbolts
Beef-up the security and stability of your locks with deadbolts. These are easy to install if you have a screwdriver!

Trim Foliage
Make sure that you keep the hedges, shrubs, and trees around your property trimmed and visible, to prevent anyone from lurking or loitering there.

Enhance Windows
What are your windows like? If it would be possible for someone to break in through a window, strengthen with new screens, hardware, or panes, as needed.

Trust a Neighbor
Never hide a key someplace in the event that you are locked out; this is asking for trouble. Instead, give a spare key to a trusted neighbor in case you need it.

Keep Eyes Out
You also need to promote privacy by covering up windows with proper treatments which can obscure the view into your home. This will deter curious passers-by and prying eyes from peeping into your home.

Fortify the Front Door
Is it time to replace your front door with something stronger? It is reported that kicking down a front door is the prime way that burglars enter a home; how is your front door holding up? Fortify the home with a new and tough front door.

Invest in Security Solutions
It is always prudent to invest in a home security system of some sort, including San Jose alarm response services for Bay area consumers.

Our Bay Area Patrol Company Recommends Being Proactive

There are over one-and-a-half-million burglaries each year in the country; don’t become a statistic. Use these tips to improve your home security, and discuss home security solutions with the industry experts at Orion Security, a Bay Area security company, professionals in the business. Stay secure; visit our website here to learn more today.

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