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Security Patrol Services are Imperative During a Crisis

There are protocols and procedures that facility managers should be following to properly secure their buildings while they are potentially vacant during the COVID-19 quarantine. In fact, this is a time when managers, supervisors, and property owners should be prioritizing small business security. Bay Area patrol services and security companies recommend attention to protecting your property assets, as well as safeguard any staff that remain on-site during this unpredictable time.

Some other suggestions from a Bay Area security company include these tips:

Review Remote Surveillance
When your company is calm or vacant due to situations like the quarantine, it is the perfect time to assess the remote surveillance system at work. Try a San Jose alarm response system at your site to monitor the capabilities that you will have in the event of an emergency.

Optimize mobile or remote functions so that you can survey your property from a phone or laptop. Know that vacant properties may be targets during this unprecedented time globally.

Lock it Up
Take a closer look at your building’s lock and unlock schedules and bring these up to date. There may be some necessary adjustments to be made considering the shorter hours, fewer staff, or other modifications being implemented due to the pandemic.

Maintain the Exteriors
If your building appears vacant and looks ill-maintained, it could be targeted by vandals, trespassers, or thieves. Don’t let your property be vulnerable to looting and break-ins; create the façade that it is occupied with continued landscaping service, illumination, and activity, as best as you can during this time. By the way, landscapers are considered an essential service so site managers should have no problem finding a vendor.

Evaluate Existing Systems Frequently
The key to protecting your vacant facility during this pandemic is to constantly review existing security systems to ensure your property- and staff- are safe. Don’t let yourself become complacent or you could make your business vulnerable to crime.

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