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Businesses have quite a lot to consider when it comes to the physical security of their premises. Recent research estimates that there are four burglaries every minute in the United States. This post points out the top 5 physical security concerns for your business and how you can mitigate each.

1. Criminality and Theft
Although this sounds pretty straightforward, the majority of the breaches into business premises are avoidable. The most effective way of mitigating this is by having some form of access control such as keypads, electronic badges, alarms, or positioning Santa Clara security guards at strategic points in your premises. The kind of control you implement will be largely influenced by the nature and size of the business.

2. Cybersecurity Hybrids
A spike in cybersecurity threats has equally led to an increase in hybrid cyber and physical attacks. Such things as smart doors, smart access cards, alarms, locks, and networked security surveillance systems are used to enhance the physical security of any business. However, the same security measures are now targeted by hackers. Business owners need to complement smart security measures by doing such things as hiring a San Jose Security guard company.

3. Documents Theft
Sensitive documents may get into the wrong hands. Also, visitors into your premises may come across information you do not want them to see. One of the most effective ways through which businesses can mitigate this is by storing such information in a locked room and allowing access to only a few people. Implementing a clear desk policy where all desks are cleared of any documentation at the end of the day also minimizes the chances of a sensitive document falling into the wrong hands.

4. Tailgating
Tailgating or piggybacking is among the most common security breaches that affect businesses today. It happens when an unauthorized person follows an authorized one in a secured area. It may be something as innocent as an employee holding the door open for a visitor without an access card or even a former employee. You can mitigate this by investing in anti-tailgate doors and also educating the employees on its dangers.

5. Stolen Identification
While you may have a perfect access control system in place, stolen identities or access cards may be the weakest link in protecting your business premise. Train the employees on how best they can protect their IDs and access cards. Also, discourage sharing or lending of such.

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Taking appropriate measures such as hiring Bay Area security guards is the first step towards protecting your business. Learn more about how to make your property safer with physical security companies by contacting us at Orion Security!

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