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Is Your Business Vulnerable To Physical Security Threats?

Although most workplaces are considered generally safe, physical threats still abound. Employees should be made aware of the physical security threats they are susceptible to and what they can do about it. The most likely physical threats to an organization include burglary, theft, vandalism, unauthorized access, and sabotage. In this post, we advise you on how to spot your physical security weak points and how to address them:

Exceptions to access rules
One of the most effective ways of taking care of your premise’s physical security is access control. While you may have the latest and best access control systems, having exceptions on who should or should not access certain areas compromises your physical security.

All employees need to be trained on the need to observe all the access rules. They also need to be taught on the consequences of such practices as tailgating and so on.

Unattended areas or assets
Leaving critical work areas or equipment unattended adds a huge risk to your physical security. Employees should be encouraged to keep work-related and personal valuables secured in lockers or any other designated storage areas. The presence of Santa Clara Security Patrol near entrances or exits is an effective way of deterring intruders.

Rogue employees
While most organizations worry about external threats, a significant percentage of physical threats are from within. They could be as a result of a mentally unstable or disgruntled former or current employees. Encourage your employees to share any behaviors or tendencies they feel could infringe on their physical security or that of the organization.

Once an incident has been reported, the management needs to investigate and, if possible, enlist the help of risk assessors, therapists, and, if need be, law enforcers.

Casual attitudes or lack of knowledge
Often, the management and employees have a casual attitude towards physical security threats. For instance, you may find employees sharing access tags or even not reporting lost or stolen keys. While you may have set forth strict security rules and protocols, the only way to ensure they are effective is to make sure they are followed to the letter.

Carrying out regular physical security audits help keep your premise’s security up to date. A security audit evaluates your premises along with the processes and activities you have in place to uncover any security loopholes. Carrying out a security audit before implementing or installing any security solution is recommended as it helps you know what will work for your organization and what might not.

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