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Security Tips From a Santa Clara Security Company

Reopening from the pandemic? Consider the new ways that security guards can help enforce social distancing protocols as consumers begin to leave home and once again patronize area businesses and visit public places following fear of the virus. In light of COVID-19, more responsibilities may fall on the shoulders of security personnel and patrols.

The role of Bay Area security guards is changing; here is how they can help you during this time of social distancing:

Employee Safety
Even before the concerns surrounding Coronavirus, security guards have played an important part in keeping staff and employees safe. Depending on the nature of the business, this might include accompanying staff members to their vehicles, monitoring the premise, and responding to security concerns of employees.

Social Distancing
With the emergence of social distancing, a San Jose security guard company is also helping to maintain safe distance between customers, prompting them when and where to traverse while on the property. In most business venues, the safe distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is six-feet or two meters.

Crowd Control
Today’s security guards are also charged with limiting the numbers of individuals in a business at one time; many might refer to this task as crowd control. In some settings, security guards are also responsible for screening people before they enter an establishment. In this age of Coronavirus, health screenings may include taking the temperature of visitors; other institutions may require that visitors go through a metal detector, overseen by professional security guards.

Property Monitoring
What about all of the businesses that are vacant and closed due to COVID-19? These companies need the services of security guards more than ever. Patrols and monitoring of these empty buildings can ensure squatters, vandals, and thieves don’t get the opportunity to enter and trespass. Mobil units are a common way of curbing this activity for those businesses that have not yet reopened their doors.

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