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Most of us implement basic home security measures to make ourselves feel safer. These may include checking the peephole before opening the door or ensuring all access points and windows are locked before going to bed. However, there are some other DIY precautions you can take that are recommended by most reputable San Jose security companies.

DIY Home Security Measures to Make

  1. Check your front door for any vulnerabilities

It is important that your front door be made of hardwood or tough steel to prevent potential intruders from kicking it down. For further protection, you can purchase a heavy-duty, four screw deadbolt plate at your local hardware.

  1. Use TVs and timers to veil your absence

According to security experts, a significant portion of home and apartment burglaries occur during the day when no one is around. By using timers to turn on your radio, TV, and lights, you can veil your absence and cause any potential intruders to think that your home is occupied.

  1. Be keen on windows and sliding glass doors

By placing a shower curtain rod or dowel in the track of your sliding glass windows or doors, you will be able to prevent intruders from sliding them open in case they get past the locking system. Another good idea would be to place some kind of alarm response or surveillance system in these areas to detect any unwanted agitation.

  1. Use signs

Most burglars often seek out easy targets. Therefore, in order to deter their malicious efforts, you can put up warning signs such as ‘beware of dog’ on your fence even if you don’t have one. No thief would take kindly to the thought of being mauled by a Doberman.

  1. Utilize sufficient lighting

In order to discourage potential burglars from attempting to breach the parameters of your home, you should do your best to ensure that the outside area has sufficient lighting. You can go a step further and add some motion-sensing lights by your doorways and other access points or set up lights you can control remotely using your phone.

  1. Be vigilant when going on vacation

Intruders often look for any signs that homeowners are away on vacation such as piled up flyers on your front porch or gate. To avoid giving out any hints that you are away to the wrong people, make sure you redirect your mail to your neighbor and tell them to keep an eye out for any strange activity on your premises.

For maximum security, use the aforementioned security measures combined with the services of a Bay Area security company.

Our Palo Also Security Patrol Can Help

Even though the security measures mentioned above may be effective in one way or another, the best thing you can do to ensure your home and community are truly safe is to seek the services of a Bay Area Security Company. Orion Security is more than capable of setting up your home in a manner that will allow you to rest soundly and calmly. For more information on our various security services, visit our security services page or give us a call at 1 (800) 564-5105.

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