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San Jose Patrol Discusses Campus Security Tips

College is usually part and parcel of people’s lives. It is a stage that most of us go through, and more often than not, have fond memories of. However, for many students, it is difficult to avoid being on campus late at night. This is one of the main reasons why San Jose security companies recommend the following tips to stay safe:

Utilize campus resources
Any good college student should make themselves aware of the safety resources available to them while on campus grounds. Making proper use of campus escorts, police, and shuttles can help you stay safe, especially at night. Also, make sure you familiarize yourself with emergency campus phone numbers and where the local safety departments are situated in case of any incident.

Be confident when walking at night
Before you start your walk to the dorms or classrooms at night, make sure that you plan out your route beforehand. A reputable Bay Area security company will tell you that by knowing exactly where you’re heading and how you’ll get there, you’ll appear more confident, which will in turn help to lower your chances of being the unfortunate victim of a crime.

It is always a good idea that you don’t walk around campus alone at night. Walking in groups or maybe with just one other person can drastically reduce the chances of you being assaulted. Also, make sure you keep away from dark alleys or shortcuts that could place you in a vulnerable position for attack.

Cars on Campus
In order to keep off any potential intruders, it is essential that you never leave any valuable items in your car in plain view. Also, try as much you can to be parking your vehicle in well-lit areas. However, remember that even though some areas may appear okay during the day, they may not be safe at night, so make sure you know how to distinguish such spots.

Mobile phones
When walking at night on campus grounds, it is advisable that you avoid using your mobile phone, and if you must, don’t do it in plain sight. Remember, that whenever you’re on the phone, your senses get distracted, and you may not hear someone creeping up behind you. So if you can, avoid using your device while walking on campus at night until you reach a much safer place.

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