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When it comes to protecting your home, it makes sense for you to think like a burglar in order to prevent some of the harm they might do to you. However, this may not come so easily to everyone, but with the information below, you will see and understand why it is essential that you adopt such a mentality for the safety and security of your home.

How to protect your home by thinking like a thief

According to various security surveys regarding actual break-ins, there are certain areas of your home that burglars are more like to try to make their way in than others, they include:

  • The garage
  • Your first-floor windows
  • The front door
  • The side doors

Any reputable Bay Area Security Company will tell you that your front door is usually the first place a burglar would think of breaking into. This means that having a motion sensor placed in this particular area would be a good idea. You should also consider having a deadbolt installed together with a heavy duty strike plate. Such a move will help to prevent a burglar from easily picking your lock or just kicking in your front door. Also, if your front door largely consists of glass, it would be advisable that you have it replaced with a solid one.

When it comes to first floor windows, most burglars often choose this route since homeowners have a knack of leaving them open at certain times of the year. To avoid such a scenario, place locks on your windows and do not forget to close them when you are not around.

In case your windows or front doors are clearly visible by your neighbors or the people walking on the street, then a potential burglar may decide to go for something less conspicuous such as the back or side door. In order to make these entry points safer, put a metal or wooden rod in the track to prevent it from opening. Also, ensure you have a glass-break sensor installed if the burglar decides to go for a smash and grab.

For your garage door, a motion sensor would work fine when it comes to deterring burglars. Also, make sure you padlock it whenever you are out of town. For further protection, you can install a motion-activated light above to deter burglars from sneaking up at night.

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