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Discovering if Your Small Business Needs Security

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According to the National Crime Prevention Council, certain crimes such as employee theft, vandalism, frauds, robberies, and burglaries can have a devastating toll on any small enterprise. Despite the fact that such crimes can obviously cause problems for any institution, their magnitude and impact tends to be more significant when it comes to small businesses, especially in terms of future prospects. In fact, such crimes may not only lead to financial distress, but also psychological anguish on the owners, employees, as well as the customers.

Protecting your small business

For most small business owners, security services are usually not a top concern. This is because, with the current economic situation, they often prefer to focus more on growing their enterprises and meeting customer satisfaction goals while controlling costs, and pay very little attention to security budget needs. For others, security simply doesn’t come to mind when they are evaluating their businesses. The truth is that it’s not until their enterprise is hit, that businesses start re-examine their security protocols.

A time will come when a business owner has to sit down and assess the kind of damage their enterprise would suffer if something were to happen and there was no adequate security plan in place. The best way to see just how prepared your company is would be to conduct a total assessment analysis to establish which areas need to be amended to ensure the security of all assets and staff. Such a procedure should ideally include:

  • Physical security assessment (fences, gates, windows, and access doors)
  • Internal protection protocols (in case of theft or fraud)

However, the most critical asset that needs to be protected in any enterprise is lives and safety of all staff. This is what any good security guard company will tell you. Other important elements that should receive adequate protection include the building and any other physical assets contained within. In terms of data, anything related to financial records, personnel files, marketing databases, research and development, and product patents should also be well-protected.

Protect Your Small Business and Staff with Orion Security

It’s never too late for any small business owner to make security a priority. In the current climate, property related crimes are on the rise. Therefore, it’s not only wise, but imperative that small enterprises come up with and implement actionable security protocols that will guarantee their survival and prosperity. Furthermore, no employee would want to work in an environment where they feel vulnerable and unsafe. So, when doing your search for reputable San Jose security companies, look no further than Orion Security. Whether you need uniformed patrol, mobile security, or surveillance Orion Security can assist you. For information about our various small business security services call 1 (800) 564-5105 or use our online contact form.

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