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Bay Area Security Guards Give Their Top Tips for Preventing Vandalism and Break-Ins

With warmer weather here, many of us take advantage of the season to enjoy our outdoor amenities. From pools to patios, we accessorize our space—making it another prime target for uninvited guests. We aren’t talking about the neighbors who like to crash your pool parties, but vandals that won’t think twice about trashing your summer sanctuary. Whether it’s graffiti or the theft of your favorite lawn chair (those things can get expensive!), a little prevention goes a long way. Use these four summer security tips to protect your outdoor area:

1. The Higher the Fence, the Harder the Climb

Unless you’re a contender on American Ninja Warrior, climbing a 6-foot privacy fence probably takes some effort. High fences act as both a barrier, blocking the view of your yard from prospective criminals, and as a physical deterrent to those who don’t want to risk getting caught by the neighborhood security patrol halfway over. Most would-be vandals and burglars prefer places with easy entry and exit points.

2. Put Criminals in the Spotlight

Installing security lights can both surprise a person who isn’t expecting to be spotted, and act as an alarm response system. Make sure that the outdoor light can be seen easily from the interior of the home, alerting the occupants to a possible trespasser. The brighter the light, the harder it is to ignore—just be careful of installing it where your fur-babies can trigger it at all hours of the night.

3. Sheds Work Wonders

This is a pretty simple concept, but one that way too many people overlook. Just put your things away in a locked shed when you’re done using them, put away all tools, and take a few minutes to chain up your patio furniture. This may not stop aesthetic vandalism, but it can save you from having to replace an entire patio set.

4. Advertise Your Security System

It may seem like you’re advertising for your favorite Bay Area security guard company but putting out signs featuring their logo can help. This sends the message that you’ve invested in a home security system, and that you take the sanctity of your home and yard seriously. Sometimes, this alone, is enough to deter criminals.

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Consider Professional Advice from a San Jose Security Company

Even if your neighborhood isn’t known for its high rate of crime, it can still help to consult with a professional security company. Their expertise and insight can give you an advantage and can help you relax and enjoy the season. Contact us through our website to learn more about staying safe and secure.

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