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Has Your Business Considered a Security Company?

Criminals have gotten smarter, which means it’s time to update and improve your physical security systems. Fortunately, there are new and improved ways to protect your assets against those with less than noble intentions. These nine tips can help keep your business at Fort-Knox-level security at a more reasonable price.

Update Your Doors

This may seem like common sense, but many people overlook their first line of defense against criminals—their doors. New technology has made doors almost impenetrable, and some come with built in security measures like shatter proof windows or additional locking mechanisms.

Locks Matter!

Those “James Bond” looking fingerprint access locks that many of us associate with Pentagon-like security are a real thing now. If that’s a bit out of your price range, look for a reinforced locking mechanism that can’t be easily manipulated by savvy criminals. When all else fails, ask your locksmith or Bay Area security guard company for tips.

Shatterproof Windows Can Help

Windows used to represent a weak point of entry for buildings. Thanks to new shatterproof films, the glass can be strengthened and is less susceptible to nefarious behavior.

Surveillance Catches “Bad Guys” in the Act

A good surveillance system can be enough to deter criminals in its own right. It can also alert your security crew of strange activity or provide you with evidence that can identify criminals after the fact.

Install Alarm Systems

Cracking open a door only to be greeted with a screeching alarm can send would-be criminals running. This is also a great way to send info directly to the alarm response team using high-tech alarm options.

Monitoring Access Can Alert You to Strange Activity

Using cameras, monitored entry points, and keeping track of building activity can give you a heads up about anything strange or unusual.

Secure Your Exterior Assets

If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars replacing your new air conditioner or building filtration system, lock up the exterior parts of these systems! This is as simple as placing a secured cage around the box or locking it into a foundation.

Install an Interior Panic System

Break-ins don’t always happen in the dead of night. There are plenty of times when criminals may try to enter the building when employees are there. Giving them internal panic bars and alternative ways to reach authorities and to escape is important to their safety.

You Can Never Have Too Many Sensors

Even if you have an excellent physical security company, it never hurts to place additional sensors on windows and doors This can increase your protection and add an extra layer of physical security that can make a huge difference.

Bay Area Security Guard Services are Critical to Business

It’s crucial that you acquire the services of a security guard. It’s the best way of protecting your business from both internal and external threats. If you are interested in learning more about one of the best Bay Area security companiescontact us online here to enlist the help of our security professionals!

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