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Professional Advice from Security Guards for Staying Safe

Criminals and predators often stalk parking lots, searching for their next unwitting victim. Bay Area Security companies offer assistance to businesses that want to keep their patrons safe, but there are times when you may not find security patrol in some public parking lots. Always practice safety when entering and exiting your vehicle.

Eight tips to keep you safe in parking lots at nighttime:

1. Be alert and aware.
When exiting or entering your vehicle, stay sharp and keep aware of your surroundings. Scan for anything out of place or unusual and keep your distance.

2. Decrease distractions.
Omit distractions when walking in parking lots, including use of your cell or listening to music with earphones. These behaviors make you more vulnerable to victimization.

3. Park as close as you can.
Try to park as close to buildings, elevators, or entries whenever possible. Typically, these areas are well-covered with security cameras, which can deter criminal activity.

4. Back-in to the parking space.
Back in your parking space for a better field of vision and to allow for a clear exit, when needed.

5. Walk a clear path.
Walk an open and direct path to your vehicle; don’t go behind obstructions, such as hedges or signage. Walk near lights, activity, and other people when possible.

6. Look behind you.
Keep an eye out behind you when exiting or entering your vehicle. Take a quick peek behind your vehicle and into the back seat or bed before getting in.

7. Lock your doors.
Always lock the doors after getting in your vehicle. Do not unlock the doors until you are ready to enter or exit your car or truck.

8. Don’t stop to talk.
Finally, don’t stop to talk to people you don’t know, and if you are solicited for help or information, don’t turn your attention away from these strangers. Stay safe and do not offer assistance to someone you do not know after dark.

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Protect Your Parking Lots From Criminals With Bay Area Patrol

Ensure your customers’ safety by hiring Palo Alto security guards and maintaining a well-lit and secure parking lot. When looking for a reputable Bay Area security company, contact Orion Security to foster a safer property, overall. Don’t delay; encourage customers and ensure patrons of their security when visiting your place of business. Fill out our online contact form or call 1(800)564-5105 to learn more about our security services.

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