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Bay Area Patrol Company Offers Insight

If you rent, or if you own a rental, maintaining security for tenants is key. Consider the distinctive safety risks of apartments and rental properties to find the best strategies toward protecting your investment- as well as promoting peace of mind. Minimize risks with the services of a Bay Area Security company.

Install Window and Door Locks
If you are the landlord, beef-up the locks around the rental property. If you are a tenant, talk to building management about existing locks, changing them to more secure fixtures, or adding more locks for personal protection. After all, you can never really be too safe. There is always a risk that a previous tenant has maintained keys to the premises- which means at any time, they could return and let themselves in.

Keep yourself, your tenant, and neighbors safer by continually evaluating the lock situation, and enhancing the system as your landlord or budget permits.

Implement a System
Whether you are the owner or a renter, install a security system. It does not matter how big or small the place is, or whether you believe you have anything of value- keep yourself and those you love safe with a system to deter crime.

If you are fortunate enough to have an existing system, test it out. Make sure it works properly and that it will work in a time of need. Know that the existence of a video camera outside your door is an excellent deterrent for trespassers, burglars, and crime.

Secure Exterior Doors
Make sure that doors on balconies, porches, or other lower levels are safe and secure. These are often the entrance of-choice for those that want to enter a premise without permission. That is, keep crime down by securing all your exterior doors and entries.

Patrol the Property
There is something very comforting about the sight of a Santa Clara Security Patrol, on patrol and keeping things safe. San Jose security patrol companies can provide the eyes-on that your rental needs- and that will keep criminals at bay.

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