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Physical Security Advice From Our Bay Area Security Guards

Every employee at a given company has some level of responsibility for security, but there are certain measures that business owners and top-level decision-makers need to take to ensure businesses are secure. This article provides a rundown of several of those steps.

Maintain the Doors and Exterior Lighting
When it comes to physical security, entrances are one of the most important areas to consider. As the building management company City Wide points out, doors and locks are a critical piece of security. The same goes for external lighting that illuminates entryways, therefore deterring burglars. Whether your business hires on-staff maintenance personnel or contracts another company to handle maintenance, make sure those individuals are regularly checking doors for damage and changing light bulbs as needed.

Install an Access Control System
Locks and lights are a good start, but an access control system installed by a Santa Clara security company can take your building’s security up a notch. For instance, if your employees use badges to enter the building, lost or copied keys will no longer be a potential source of security breaches. Additionally, in the unfortunate event of an unpleasant termination, disabling the terminated employee’s badge can remove their ability to access your building and the people and property within.

Hire Security Personnel
Hiring a security guard—or even multiple guards—is a great choice for certain businesses. Aside from directly increasing a building’s safety, security guards act as a visual deterrent to troublemakers. If you’re interested in this route and want to learn more, a Bay Area security guard company can help.

Don’t Forget the Windows
Unsecured windows, like faulty doors, can provide a portal for unauthorized access. Federated Insurance recommends making sure employees who are in charge of closing up are aware that they need to check the building’s windows, just as they would the doors.

Install Video Surveillance
Personnel from San Jose security companies often recommend video surveillance. Like a security guard, the presence of video surveillance can be a deterrent to thieves and other unwelcome individuals. And in the event of a crime, video surveillance can be invaluable for helping police catch the perpetrator and for recovering compensation.

Our Bay Area Patrol Company Works With Your Property

Do not forget simple and often overlooked security threats such as stolen or misplaced staff identification cards, stolen documents, and so on. Learn more about your organization’s physical security by getting in touch with the leading Bay Area security guard company: Orion Security. We’ll take the time to assess your business and recommend suitable physical security measures. Contact us through our website here.

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