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Prepare Your Employees For Bay Area Security Guard Services

It is a good time to beef-up security and safety for your business, but even more so for your staff and team. Talk to an expert at a Bay Area physical security company, to learn more about the many benefits of San Jose security guards and additional measures to protect your company.

As for your employees, encourage them to increase security- and safety- at work with these tips:

Take Care of Belongings

Convey to your team the importance of keeping their own personal belongings safe and secure- typically, out of sight. Provide lockers or other systems that offer a way for them to secure and protect what is theirs during the workday.

Participate in Training Drills

Employees that familiarize themselves with safety drills and protocols will be in a better position to protect themselves in the event of an emergency. Offer training and encourage attendance.

Have a Plan

Hatch yourself an emergency plan and work on a common procedure among staff that you will implement in a crisis. Practice to ensure everyone is on the same page and aware of the safety protocol.

Carry an ID

Make sure that staff carry an ID of some sort, preferably a common workplace identification, that will help keep the premise secure. This will also help your employee verify who they are and that they are permitted on-site.

Organize and offer self-defense training to make sure that staff can fend off any kind of physical attack. Talk to a Bay Area physical security company to learn more about such options.

Stay alert

Remind your team of the importance of staying alert and aware of surroundings, particularly when coming and going from the workplace. Illuminate parking lots and encourage your team to work or travel in pairs after hours, or outside the venue.

Be Discreet

Encourage staff to be discreet both about company business and their personal affairs at work. Too much information could be shared and used to commit crimes against an employee or colleague.

Update Passwords Periodically

Prompt your team to change and update sensitive passwords periodically. This will help safeguard their personal information and potentially fend-off problems or possible computer and identity crimes.

Our San Jose Security Company is Here To Help

Protect your business and staff with the services of a Bay Area security guard company, Orion Security. Keep company assets safe, while also looking out for your on-site team. Learn more about how to make your business safer with physical security by contacting us through our website.

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