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Bay Area Security Guard Company Shares Insight

Would your business or property benefit from regular security patrol? Mobile security patrol services are popular in apartment complexes and corporate campuses, but businesses and apartment buildings are often staffed with security patrol officers operating on foot. Hiring Palo Alto security patrol companies is a great way to deter trespassing, crime, and theft. Below are some essential elements and routines that facilitate safe security protocol.

Use these tips for your own Bay Area patrol protocol:

Be Prepared

Your security patrol needs to always be prepared and ready to use defense items and gear. Usually these items are small enough to be worn on the belt of a security guard and are items that every security professional should never be without. Comfortable shoes are a must as guards spend most of their time on-foot.

Change-Up the Routes

Accidents happen and security becomes breached when patrols take the exact same route, day after day. Use various routes, check different points, and make your movements spontaneous to prevent anyone from predicting your next move. More about this important aspect of your patrols later…

Keep a Safe Distance During Conversations

A professional security guard knows the basic safety protocols from keeping a safe distance from visitors or guests during interactions. Guards must always remain out of reach when engaging with the public and keep a safe distance. They keep a wide berth around corners to prevent being surprised or ambushed during security patrols. These are things that Bay Area security guards have been trained to implement on the job.

Be Random

Random patrol times at different intervals are necessary to prevent anyone from memorizing your patrol schedule for their advantage. A guard should always switch things up and never do the same route or patrolling at the exact same time every day. A good security patrol is difficult to predict and occurs at varying intervals.

Our Bay Area Patrol Team Can Help

Not everyone is cut out to be a security guard so hiring a professional San Jose security company makes the most sense, as their guards will be vetted and suited for the rigors of such a job. To be a good guard requires discretion, communication, focus, and the ability to stay calm in chaos. Get in touch with Orion Security for effective and efficient Bay Area security services. Contact us online here to get started.

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