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Our Bay Area Security Company Shares How to Ensure Your Home is Secure During the Summer

According to a recent news article, San Francisco ranked #1 in US property crime, which includes, larceny, burglary, vandalism, and shoplifting. The city reports about 148 property crimes every day, with most of them happening in the summer.

The most probable reason for the increased crime in the summer is that most people let their guard down and do not adequately burglar-proof their home or property when leaving for the summer holidays. In this post, we discuss 7 tips that will keep your property safe.

1. Be careful about what you post on social media
One major mistake that people make in a bid to share their life events with ‘friends’ is posting about an upcoming holiday on social media. Burglars can easily track your home, especially if your account is public.

2. Keep your valuables out of sight
Keep valuables such as wallets, bags, mobile phones, laptops, and jewelry out of plain sight. If you are going away on holiday, park your car in the garage.

3. Invest in a home alarm system
An alarm system is a good visual deterrent as studies estimate that homes without alarm systems are three times more likely to be broken into. With an alarm, the Bay Area alarm response team is alerted immediately there is a break-in in your home.

4. Lock up your windows and doors
The easiest way to protect your home is by locking up. With the agreeable weather, you will most likely spend most of your time outdoors. Keep your windows and doors locked up whenever you go out.

5. Make it appear like you are home
When leaving on holiday, leaving a few lights on or asking your neighbor to park in your driveway can make it appear like you are home, thus deterring burglars.

6. Hire a house-sitter
House sitting is a trend that’s becoming quite trendy especially when you cannot travel with your pet. The pet-sitter doubles up as your house-sitter. Burglars are less likely to strike if they see someone is home.

7. Put your mail on a vacation hold
One telltale sign that you are not at home is a full mailbox. Turn off your mail delivery before you leave or have a trustworthy neighbor pick up the mail.

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