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shoplifting prevention tips

Your Business Could Use a Bay Area Security Company

Are you protected against theft in your place of business? Theft can rob you not only of your well-earned revenues, but also of the security that you and your team feel in their place of work. Consider strategies that help to prevent theft and that can restore your own peace of mind.

Consider implementing these tactics to prevent theft in your store or retail space:

Hire Security
The most effective way to prevent theft and shoplifting is with Bay Area security guards; talk to a San Jose security company about integrating loss prevention personnel into your sales floor. Designating individuals to specific areas or floors can protect and preserve your stock and inventory while quickly discreetly pinpointing shoplifters.

Take Responsibility
Don’t’ forget about personal responsibility when it comes to protecting your inventory: lock up valuables! Make is more difficult for thieves and burglars to obtain items of value, such as individual locks or, at the very least, putting these items out of sight until customers request a closer look. This may make more work for your staff but can be an effective way to curb theft in many businesses.

Install Surveillance
The perfect complement to physical security guards is surveillance video, but make sure it is of high quality. What is the purpose of installing security cameras if the footage is grainy and indiscernible to law enforcement? Plus, the sight of video cameras is enough incentive for many would-be thieves and shoplifters to think twice about stealing from your business. The footage is also helpful when it comes to prosecuting the offenders in court later.

Pay Attention
Finally, pay attention and learn to identify shoplifters. Businesses, stores, and companies of all sizes are impacted by theft and shoplifting, and an effective way to curb this activity is to learn how your merchandise is being stolen. There are distinct tactics and theft practices to watch for; talk to your Bay Area security professional to learn more.

Bay Area Security Guard Services are Critical to Business

Ready to clamp-down on theft? Talk to our Palo Alto physical security company, Orion Security, on loss prevention techniques and how to best-protect your investment. Use these four tips to reduce incidents of theft and loss, while also beefing up the overall security at your site.

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