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guard dog not equivalent to bay area alarm response

Tips From a Bay Area Security Company

Your pet dog might seem like an effective security measure because it barks and raises a racket whenever strangers come around, but you shouldn’t confuse that with making your home secure against an actual intruder. Here are several reasons why you shouldn’t trust your home security to your pet.

Why dogs cannot provide reliable home security

The first reason you can’t always count on your dog is that dogs do sleep, and they can become easily distracted. Unless your dog has had training specifically in the area of home security, it will probably not be on alert 100% of the time, as your home security system would. Your dog will also not be able to call the authorities in the event of a break-in at your home, so that police can handle the situation instead of you having to manage it.

Most dogs bark at a great many things that catch their attention – squirrels, the neighbor’s cat, someone riding by on a bicycle, etc. The point is that your dog probably barks at a great many things, most of which have nothing to do with any kind of security problem, and you can become desensitized to that barking. When there’s an actual intrusion, you might not think there’s anything more serious happening than some neighborhood activity.

If your dog is acting as your home security system, you could very well be putting your dog at risk. While many intruders might leave at the first sound of barking, some more determined burglars might commit an act of violence against your dog to shut him up. Lastly, it goes without saying that your dog lacks many of the modern features which are now available on home security systems, such as video cameras that can be tied into your smartphone, as well as detection systems for carbon monoxide and smoke/fire.

Bay Area Physical Security You Can Count On

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