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bay area security guards for apartment buildings

Has Your Apartment Building Considered Hiring a Security Guard Company?

Protecting your apartment building is a top priority, and your San Jose patrol of skilled and competent security guards is your best bet for maintaining safety and peace of mind for yourself and for all tenants. Here are a few of the benefits you’ll realize from setting up San Jose security guards to exert a watchful eye over your premises.

Tenants know who to call
When a tenant spots some suspicious activity somewhere on the grounds, the first person that they’ll call will be your security officer, who can then address the situation. When you have a security officer on the premises, he/she can react much quicker than the police could, even if the police have a station right in your neighborhood. You’ll also avoid the possibility of having an untrained tenant attempting to handle the situation, and possibly running into trouble.

Discouraging crime
Having security officers patrolling your grounds acts as a built-in deterrent to crime, since anyone who sees the officer will be discouraged from committing that crime. An on-site security presence is also important for discouraging tenants from committing any illegal or unsavory acts.

Property value is increased
When your rental apartment complex is safe and crime-free, you can advertise that fact, and you can count on having increased value for your rentals, just because you can guarantee a relatively crime-free residence. Any property situated in a low-crime area always has increased value, and that same thing will be true of your rental complex.

Security officers can react quickly
In situations where simply having the security officer patrol the grounds is not a sufficient deterrent to crime, your trained security guard can quickly react to whatever crime is in process. With extensive training under their belts, security officers understand how to react in any given situation appropriately.

Better class of tenants
As your property values increases, the quality of your tenants will rise right along with it. The high property value and the crime-free status will certainly attract a more financially stable class of people, and that is a big benefit to you as owner or manager.

Bay Area Security Guards Make Apartment Buildings More Desirable for Tenants

At Orion Security, we are a premier San Jose security guard company, and we can help you realize all these benefits detailed above, for your apartment building. Contact us today with any inquiries you may have, and let’s discuss the security needs of your apartment.

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