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security patrol can prevent vehicle breakins in san jose

Vehicle Safety Tips Form a Bay Area Security Company

You don’t have to own a BMW for thieves to target your vehicle. Criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and far too many people neglect even the most basic safety measures. Following these six simple tips can make it harder than you think for thieves to drive off with your four-wheeled pride and joy.

1. Take Advantage of Locks
This is as common sense as it gets. Newer vehicles have developed more advanced locking mechanisms that can keep your car safe in spite of their best efforts. Sometimes, just locking your car every time that you walk away is enough of a deterrent. It can also slow them down enough to get busted by a Bay Area patrol.

2. Arm Your Car Alarm
There’s nothing quite as surprising to would-be thieves as the sound of a blaring alarm as soon as they try to gain access to your vehicle. Always arm your car alarm. Even if there’s no one close to hear, it will definitely be an unwelcome surprise for burglars. If you have an excellent Bay Area alarm response company, then you’ll be in even better shape.

3. Don’t Park in Remote Areas
A car parked in the far corner of a poorly lit lot can easily become a target for criminals. This can place it at the edge of surveillance cameras and create a blind spot for security guards. Always park under the lights and as close to a group of cars as possible for maximum safety. This is especially important at places like gyms where instances of stolen cars is on the rise.

4. Use a Device to Immobilize Your Vehicle
No, its not something out of a James Bond movie. An immobilizer is a device that won’t allow your car to start if the right key isn’t being used. This can stop car thieves in their tracks, and prevent them from getting very far using mock keys or new criminal tech.

5. Don’t Leave Things Laying Out
Again, this is another common sense solution that many people overlook when they get in a hurry. Carry a blanket or dark colored bag where you can leave electronics that may not fit in other areas of the vehicle. Make use of the trunk, and always bring your billfold with you. Before walking away from your car, look in the windows and make sure that nothing enticing is laying in view.

6. Lock Your Steering Wheel
Thieves can’t get very far if they can’t steer the vehicle. Here’s where you can find devices to lock your steering wheel.

Protect Your Vehicle From Theft With Bay Area Patrol

For more information on Bay Area and Santa Clara security patrols, contact Orion Security. We have the resources you need to feel safe both where you park and where you live.

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