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7 of the Best Physical Security Practices

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Could Your Business Use a Security Company?

Security in any facility or office is crucial. However, understanding how to get started, especially when it comes to physical security, often proves very difficult. Indeed, deciding on how best to protect your facility and the assets it owns can seem impossible. This post points out to you the 7 best tips and tricks for establishing the physical security your facility and property need.

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Best Places to Install Security Lighting

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Security Lighting Placement Tips From a Santa Clara Security Company

Security lights are quite a successful burglary deterrent. They help to scare off intruders as well as provide your surveillance system with sufficient lighting. Outdoor lighting also adds to your home’s aesthetic appeal and its overall value by accentuating its features. However, your security lights need to be strategically placed if they are to be effective. Some of the best places to install your security lighting include:

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