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Security Lighting Placement Tips From a Santa Clara Security Company

Security lights are quite a successful burglary deterrent. They help to scare off intruders as well as provide your surveillance system with sufficient lighting. Outdoor lighting also adds to your home’s aesthetic appeal and its overall value by accentuating its features. However, your security lights need to be strategically placed if they are to be effective. Some of the best places to install your security lighting include:

The garage
Burglars tend to target places they cannot be easily noticed. The garage is one such place. Many homeowners make it easy for burglaries to take place by leaving the garage door or windows unlocked. Installing security lights on both sides of your garage door is an effective way of deterring potential burglars. Consider installing motion sensors as they are more cost-effective.

The front and back entryways to your house are obvious places where you should consider installing security lights. However, a burglar will also try to gain entry into your home through a side door or a window. Installing security lights near such openings will prevent burglaries. Also, install security lights near your gate and along your driveway.

Natural hiding places
Burglars prefer dark spots or shadows where you will not notice them should you come out. These could include the corners of your house as well as any shrubs and bushes around it. Consider installing security lights in places like your garden, the swimming pool, the trees around your house, and any large open spaces in your compound. Strategically placed security lights make such places useless for burglars by limiting the areas where they can hide. When installing security lights in places like your backyard, consider placing them as high as possible. This keeps the light out of reach and provides you with a wide range of coverage.

Outdoor walkways
Lighting up your walkways is an ideal way of lighting up your backyard and illuminate it. Lighting up the footpaths in your compound also prevents accidents such as slips and falls to you and anyone who visits you.

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