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Security Tips from a Bay Area Security Company

Personal security is important. But most people don’t have a security guard company with bodyguards following them around. To help keep yourself safe while going about your daily life, there are things you can do that will reduce your vulnerability. Here are some tips from San Jose security guards.

Pay attention to what’s around you.
Being distracted can be a major vulnerability when you’re out. Pay attention to what (and who) is around you, including keeping texting and phone calls to a minimum so you can be aware of your surroundings. Sticking to lighted, public areas can help you be more aware of what’s around you, as well.

Keep your hands free.
If you’re carrying a lot of bags or personal items, it may be easier for someone to overpower you. In addition, you won’t have a hand free to get into your home or car quickly since you’ll have to fumble with your keys. Try to keep your hands free and have your keys ready before you get to your car or home so you can get in quickly.

Ask for help if you feel unsafe.
If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, contact the police (non-emergency number) or ask security for an escort to your car. You should trust your intuition, and if it’s telling you that you need an escort, then it’s a good idea to reach out for one. It’s better to reach out even if you think you need help rather than waiting until it’s too late.

Don’t fight back if someone tries to rob you.
If someone tries to rob you, chances are they just want your money/possessions. If you try to fight back, you’re more likely to be injured in the process. Your safety is more important than whatever they’re trying to take from you. Try to stay calm and pay attention to any details about the person, then report the incident immediately to the police. Pay attention to what they’re wearing and any other identifiers that can help police.

Contacting a Bay Area Security Company Is Your Safest Bet!

Paying attention to your personal safety with these tips will help you stay safe when you’re living your daily life. If you have more questions about personal safety or need some help from a Bay Area security company, contact Orion Security today at 1 (800) 564-5105 or through our online contact form here.

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