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Could Your Business Use a Security Company?

Security in any facility or office is crucial. However, understanding how to get started, especially when it comes to physical security, often proves very difficult. Indeed, deciding on how best to protect your facility and the assets it owns can seem impossible. This post points out to you the 7 best tips and tricks for establishing the physical security your facility and property need.

Defining physical security

Physical security refers to a broad spectrum of measures, methods, and practices that are meant to deter potential intruders or unauthorized personnel. A good physical security system protects your facility, equipment, and employees against vandalism, theft, burglaries, and sabotage, among other malicious acts.

7 best physical security practices

A robust physical security system implements the following 7 best practices:

1. Be proactive rather than reactive

A good physical security system should anticipate risks and implement measures to mitigate them. For instance, if the parking lot is dimly lit, there’s a huge chance that your employees will not be safe. To prevent them from getting harmed, you should consider installing sufficient lighting even before a single incident happens.

2. Nurture a safety culture

To nurture a positive safety culture, you need to:

  • Have clear channels of communication
  • Provide safety training from time to time
  • Lead by example, and
  • Involve your workers

3. Get All Employees Involved

Involvement is key to the success of your physical security efforts. Everyone, from the top executives to the least of your employees needs to be involved. Involvement begins by offering the employees in your organization security training. Good training gives them a good understanding of the potential security risks and hazards they are exposed to and how to respond to each.

4. Secure your facility from the outside in

You will need to put up measures that prevent malicious persons from gaining access to your business. Simple physical security measures on the exterior involve installing outdoor lighting, motion sensors, a surveillance system, and having security patrol personnel.

5. Implement a strong access control system

Technology today has made it possible to keep out unauthorized persons from gaining access to your premises. You can use proximity cards or biometric systems.

6. Hold periodical reviews

Reviewing your physical security system from time to time enables you to identify hazards or loopholes you might not have discovered in the first place. It also gives your employees a chance to speak up about any security challenges they might be facing.

7. Create an emergency plan

No one wants to imagine the worst, but it happens. The only way to ensure that it does not break you financially is to have an emergency plan in place. This also ensures that your most important assets, your employees, are safe even in situations where their lives are threatened.

Bay Area Security Guard Services are Critical to Business

The physical security of your business premises should be a continuous effort. To ensure you have optimum physical security, you should always let it be handled by a reputable Bay Area security company. Orion Security is among the top San Jose security companies in the Bay Area. We also provide you with Palo Alto alarm response, which comes in handy in an emergency security situation. Contact us today through our website or by calling at 405 217 3018.

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