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Security Guard Tips for Apartment Buildings

If you live in an apartment, you probably know the value of solid security. You want to retain a sense of safety and privacy, even when there is just a wall between you and your neighbor. Furthermore, if you live in or near the city, you want to know that there is someone on-site that is looking out for you, like San Jose security guards, or patrols by a Palo Alto security company.

Give Your Tenants Peace of Mind to Retain Them Long-Term

Tenants want to feel safe, so it makes sense for apartment building owners and property managers to work with the security professionals at a Santa Clara security guard company like Orion Security.
Here’s why security guards are important for apartment security where you live:

An On-Site Presence

There is something about the sight of a guard in uniform to deter criminal activity by giving a crook second thoughts about committing a crime. It shortens or even closes the window of opportunity that a trespasser or thief has to victimize the residents of the apartment building.

A Secure Message

Along the same lines, a security guard sends a message to those that could be sizing-up the property. Most of the time, it will send anyone up to no good on their way.
Identify Issues

Another advantage of a security guard is that you have another pair of eyes on your property, watching out for potential issues or problems. This might include things like a slippery parking lot or a loud party in one of the units.

Fast Response When Needed

A security guard is a good buffer that can respond to a tenant issue while waiting for the police to arrive. Some apartment buildings may be out of close proximity to the police station or fire department; a security guard provides a qualified authority to intervene during the interim. Professional security guards have been trained in a wide range of techniques and tactics to deal with crises as they occur.

Oversees Systems

Your guard will also keep an eye on your security systems and alarms, ensuring they work properly and are maintained for use as needed.

Training and Qualifications

This is not to say that anyone could or should be guarding your apartment building; a professional security company has training and qualifications which are integral to achieving positive outcomes. Don’t risk issues or liability by hiring a layman for the job; go pro.

Putting your tenants’ safety and well-being first by hiring security can improve the interaction between landlords and those that dwell in the apartments. It shows that you are concerned for them and want to make sure they are safe. This may prove to be very good for overall tenant morale!

Our Bay Area Patrol Company Works With Your Apartment Manager

Help your tenants or visitors feel safe with a Bay Area security company, Orion Security. From security guards to technological systems, Orion has got you covered and protected. Contact us through our website or at 1-800-564-5105.

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