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Bay Area Security Guards Share Their Experience

Security planning can protect your business’s assets and improve your peace of mind. This article goes over what to consider when planning security for your business and how you can go about hiring a Bay Area security company.

The Location of Your Business
As highlighted by a post from, where your business is located will have a large impact on your security needs. For example, more San Jose security guards may be needed for businesses located in a high-crime part of San Jose than businesses located in relatively low-crime areas of Santa Clara. However, because the rent for the businesses in high-crime areas will likely be lower and there may be less competition, the cost difference may be beneficial overall, even with the added cost of a security guard company.

Security Features of the Building or Campus
Different security features can boost the safety of a, office building. For instance, steel doors and security gates can help block access to a building to keep out unwanted intruders; however, some business owners shy away from these features because of the image they give off to potential customers. In particularly high-risk areas, bulletproof glass may be necessary. (That is also the case for when high-value merchandise or large amounts of cash are factors.)

Lighting and security alarms are less intrusive options that can be quite effective as well. The same goes for security cameras as well as cash offices and safes.

Security Guards
Security guards are another factor to consider, and there are many options to keep in mind. For example, sites that do not need full-time on-site security may still be able to benefit from mobile security patrol officers. These officers can provide visible security—and therefore act as a deterrent—at a lower price point than full-time guards. Conversely, businesses that are at a higher risk of crime may be more interested in full-time security officers.

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