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Our San Jose Security Company Weighs In

As a business owner, security is one of those issues that you have to take seriously. Any business can become a victim of crime and illegal activities, making it essential to protect your staff, investment, and reputation.

Here are 10 signs your business needs a Bay Area security guard company.

  1. Problems with access control systems: Unlike access control systems that require regular maintenance, security guards will monitor all entry points effectively to ensure the professional protection of assets.
  2. The parking lot is not secure enough: Poor lighting and layout concerns can create an unsafe parking lot. Having security guards patrol the lot will make customers feel safer and deter potential crimes.
  3. You need a visitation plan: If you have a lot of guests on your property, you may need to monitor who is coming and going from the premises. A security guard company will help you do this, effectively ensuring you prevent intellectual and property theft.
  4. To control employee and vendor theft: Employee theft can result in huge losses for your business. Security guard services will help to proactively prevent such instances, protecting your investment, and saving you money.
  5. A high rate of crime in the area: In case your business is located in an area with a high rate of crime, you should consider hiring any of the Bay Area security patrol companies. This will help reduce instances of break-ins.
  6. To protect sensitive information: Businesses that handle private and sensitive data have to put in place measures to protect the information. Security guards will help to keep away unwanted visitors who may want to steal the information.
  7. You are concerned about liability issues: Your insurer may require that you have an action plan after losses on your workers’ compensation or general liability policy. Security services may help in this case as well as lead to a break in premiums.
  8. A back up in case of emergencies: Emergencies strike when you least expect them. Security guards are trained to handle a wide range of emergencies and will act responsibly in case of criminal incidences and medical emergencies.
  9. If you have people working late: When your employees are working late, security guards can offer personal protection. This includes protecting the building as they work and walking employees to their vehicles.
  10. If worried about police not responding in time: You should consider hiring a San Jose security guard company in case you are concerned about how long the police will take to respond to emergencies.

Bay Area Security Guard Services are Critical to Business

If you want to enjoy an increased peace of mind so you can focus on running your business, you should work with a reliable Santa Clara security company. To ensure you get maximum value for your dollars, look for experienced guards, and read the security contract carefully before signing it. Learn more about how to make your property safer with physical security companies by contacting us at Orion Security! 

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