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Security Guards, Alarm Response, and Surveillance Systems Deter Property Crime and Protect People

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The number of homicides in San Jose has decreased slightly in the last few years, but residents are still concerned. Due to budget issues, many city police officers have been laid off or have left for other employment. Morale in the department reportedly has been low, at least according to some news stories, and community critics have called some of the force’s policies and overall effectiveness into question.

To obtain extra security and peace of mind, many local communities and businesses are turning to security companies for additional support.

Security Options for Bay Area Families

Many homeowners have been installing sophisticated home security systems to protect their families. Unfortunately, not all installers are equally adept! Hardware malfunctions when poorly installed, you need at least minimal support from trained security personnel to establish systems according to best practices. To be effective, a home alarm system should:

  • Be difficult to breach
  • Be professionally installed
  • Include audio monitoring by the security company
  • Provide two-way communication between the homeowner and the security company
  • Be tested initially and periodically to ensure proper function

These features will give the homeowner legitimate peace of mind and real protection in the form of deterrence as well as fast response should the system be triggered by an intruder.

Security Options for Businesses

Various businesses require different levels of security. Even small business can be hit hard if computers and servers are stolen or hacked. Companies with warehouses are likely to have significant stockpiles of valuable equipment and materials worth protecting from theft or vandalism. Any selected security company should have knowledgeable and highly trained employees and should provide services, such as:

  • On-site officers;
  • Mobile patrols that include door-checks, closing time support, alarm response, and site surveys;
  • Security surveillance monitoring; and
  • Detailed reporting and tracking options.

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Orion Security protects communities, homes and businesses from theft, vandalism, and other dangers. We offer a San Jose patrol that includes security personnel, door and alarm checks, or more extensive on-site security if required in addition to surveillance system installations and monitoring. Contact us to learn more about how we can protect what matters most to you. Call (800) 564-5105 or contact us online to get more information about what we can do to help secure your home or business.

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