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Why So Many Businesses Utilize Security Companies for Surveillance and Patrolling


Security companies are often called upon to protect businesses, employees and clients. There are many practices and tactics a security guard company can use to ensure the strongest security plan for their client. This may include on-the-clock bodyguards, monitored video surveillance systems, security personnel, alarm response, camera recordings and more. Business surveillance systems can also be beneficial to companies wanting to expand their security plan. Depending on your businesses specific demands, this could be the perfect remedy for your organization.

A video surveillance system can protect employees and clients both directly and indirectly. Often installed in parking lots and outside the building, this allows company security personnel to monitor the safety of employees as they are headed towards their vehicle. Even if a business doesn’t have security guard company staff, perpetrators are less likely to cause harm if they know they are being recorded. With surveillance cameras, businesses can go back and retrieve recorded video information for their reference. This can be very beneficial if trying to catch a criminal.

Things like employee harassment, property damage and vandalism can be tracked and minimized with the help of security cameras by making employees feel safe in their working environment. Cameras also have a way of silently enforcing safely policies, which could reduce the amount of employee lawsuits.

With the amount of employee fraud happening and illegitimate lawsuits arising, companies can also install cameras to protect themselves against potential court cases from employees. Workers compensation fraud has taken a hike in popularity, and one of the main ways to minimize your company’s chances of getting caught up, is to install a camera. This will help monitor the movements of the employee and determine whether their actions line up with the report. If, for example, there was supposedly a serious accident on Friday afternoon, and something wasn’t reported until next Tuesday—simply by perusing the camera history and comparing it with the written complaint, your company can determine whether or not the claim is truthful.

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Make Your Workplace Safer and Avoid Fraudulent Workers Comp Claims

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