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Bay Area Security Guards Give Their Tips for Preventing Vandalism and Break-Ins

According to data from the FBI, San Francisco its suburbs have the highest rate of property crimes compared to 20 of the most populous cities in the U.S. The crime rate tallies up to 6,168 crimes for every 100,000 people.

You can make the job easier for your San Jose security guard company by implementing the following steps to prevent criminal vandalism in your area.

1. Identify weaknesses and implement access control measures
Evaluate your neighborhood or home from the eyes of a vandal and identify any unlit areas, weak perimeter points, any architectural features that are susceptible to defacement, and so on. Upgrading the door, windows, sheds, and any outbuildings’ locks help you control the access to these areas.

2. Install video surveillance
A surveillance system is a crime deterrent. Also, if the crime still occurs, a surveillance system will provide pertinent information to be used in the investigation.

3. Set up a community patrol or a neighborhood watch program
Create a bond among neighbors so that people look out for each other. The bond also deters criminal activity.

4. Report any suspicious activity or crime immediately
No crime is too small to be reported. When vandals know that they will pay the price for any crime committed, no matter how small, they will be dissuaded.

5. Keep potential targets out of view
Keep valuables such as bags, laptops, phones, or keys out of view either in your car or at home. Keep your vehicle locked up in the garage when at home.

6. Immediately remove any items that could be used to commit an offense
Leaving gardening tools and ladders in the open or not clearing up any rubble in your compound only encourages the vandals. Make sure you store away any wheelie bins as they could be used to transport stolen items.

7. Organize and participate in community cleaning exercises
A well-kept community attracts people but discourages illegal activities. Insist that the local government maintain community parks and participate in such activities.

8. After vandalism clean up and do the necessary repairs immediately
Promptly removing any graffiti and repairing or removing any damaged items after a vandalism incident eliminates the vandals’ ability to impact their peers.

9. Be strategic when planting any trees or shrubs
Where possible, plant trees and shrubs that enhance security. For example, planting thorny trees and shrubs discourages burglars.

10. Hire a Bay Area security company
While this could be quite costly, it is an effective way of crime prevention. Not only will the company organize for occasional Bay Area patrol, but also offer a Bay Area alarm response option in the event of a burglary.

Consider Professional Advice from a San Jose Security Company

While the above list is not exhaustive, it is an ideal place to start to prevent vandalism in your area. Even if your neighborhood isn’t known for its high rate of crime, it can still help to consult with a professional security company. Their expertise and insight can give you an advantage and can help you relax and enjoy the season. Contact us through our website to learn more about staying safe and secure.

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