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Our Bay Area Security Company Shares How to Ensure Your Business is Secure

While some trends come in and out of style as the years pass, certain security fundamentals always stay relevant. This article goes over three key security practices recommended by our San Jose security company. They will keep your business safe in 2021 and the years to come.

Identify and Focus On Your Key Assets

Every company has different key assets they wish to protect. Perhaps your assets are people in potentially dangerous situations, pieces of equipment that need to be guarded against theft, or buildings that require protection from vandalism—or a combination of these and other types of assets. A proper security plan will take into account which assets are most important from a value standpoint and in need of protection.

Identify the Threats to Those Assets

Identifying what you need to protect is a good first step, but to properly deploy security measures, you’ll also need to know what could potentially threaten your key assets. These could be external factors like thieves or hackers, but they could also be internal threats, such as unhappy employees, as CSO Online points out. Additionally, a careless employee can do just as much damage as an unhappy one. Because it can be hard to identify all threats to your business on your own, consider hiring a Bay Area security patrol company to help you spot them.

Identify Vulnerabilities

Sometimes a vulnerability is so commonplace that it’s easy to miss—that is, your weaknesses may be hiding in plain sight. For instance, while a door to a room with sensitive information may always look closed, it may not actually be locked all the time. Other threats are subtler and harder to spot. As an example, perhaps you think your security cameras are doing a good job, but they could actually have a critical blind spot in their coverage. It may be advisable to contract Santa Clara security guards or other security-minded professionals to come in and perform an audit.


Identifying your assets, the threats to those assets, and vulnerabilities that put your assets at risk are essential for informing your security strategy. Once you’ve done so, you and your security team can put in a plan that protects your assets, drives off threats, and shores up weak points.

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