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Our San Jose Security Company Gives Insight

Security problems may be hard to notice until a breach occurs. To better understand whether your business is secure enough, our San Jose physical security company advises that you keep an eye out for the following six issues.

No Well-Developed Strategy

A business that does not have a well-developed security strategy is asking to be taken advantage of. A lack of a security strategy means that the business is more vulnerable to theft or damage in the first place. Not only that, but it will also be less able to respond to such a problem after it happens.

Problems with Multi-Location Policies

If your business uses a branch model—i.e., it has multiple physical locations—then it’s important to keep in mind that what works at one location might not do as well at another. Before applying the same security plan to multiple locations, evaluate whether it is actually a good fit in each. Take this example: In a bank branch in Santa Clara, alarm response might be a priority that is not needed as much at a corporate office in San Francisco.

Slow Responses

When a security breach occurs, a quick response is necessary to protect both people and assets. Consider having Bay Area security guards perform an audit of your business’s current security measures to see if the response time will be adequately speedy.

Too Many Manual Processes

When responses and procedures are slow, time-consuming manual processes are often to blame, at least partially. Your business can speed up its security operations by automating certain processes, such as logging in employees as they enter the building. If you’re not sure what can be safely automated, a professional security company can provide advice on the matter.

Not Tracking Valuable Assets

It’s important to set up a way to track your valuable assets in the event they are stolen or lost. Asking someone where they lost an item or where a thief might be is much less effective than simply following tracking data to recover the asset.

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