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Security Tips From a San Francisco Security Company

COVID has impacted virtually every aspect of the business world, and, as Bay Area security companies have learned, physical security is no exception. Many facility managers say that COVID increased the importance of their organizations’ physical security. Let’s take a look at what facility managers and security professionals alike have to keep in mind as we collectively move through and beyond the pandemic.

Health and Safety Concerns

One concern of facility managers is the health and safety of individuals on their premises. The pandemic has necessitated certain procedures like the wearing of face coverings as well as the implementation of physical distancing and barriers.

Establishments from different sectors will have different needs, which a San Francisco security guard company or one in your area should be able to provide advice on. For instance, compartmentalization is one tactic that hospitals use to make sure on-site professionals are safe while they don protective gear.

And even if employees are on board with such measures, customers may be resistant to, for instance, face coverings at first. Such measures may require an increased security presence, or at least a modified approach, to enforce. And once vaccinations are widely and readily available, another concern for certain businesses may be verifying whether or not individuals are vaccinated before they are allowed access to the premises.

Building Concerns

With workers shifting to remote workspaces, and with many of them expected to remain there even after the pandemic abates, facility managers and security companies also need to figure out appropriate strategies for securing partially or totally vacant buildings. For instance, some property managers may decide that San Francisco alarm response systems are an ideal way to help protect empty structures. Others may feel the need to beef up in-person security practices, particularly if a building houses valuable items.

And remote security solutions such as video monitoring will likely become more attractive than ever for certain organizations. Beyond that, as businesses downsize to reflect reduced square-footage needs, continual modifications and assessments of security practices will be necessary. Those businesses will be far from alone in needing to adapt to a changed world.

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