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Bay Area Security Companies Talk Security Tech

Security is an area in which organizations that are not actively taking steps to stay ahead are bound to fall behind. Innovations are necessary to make the most of current security measures and anticipate future needs and challenges. Our San Francisco physical security company has compiled the following look at three specific ways investing in technology can boost the effectiveness of premises’ physical security.

Easy Oversight

The backbone of many physical security systems is video surveillance. The technology underpinning video surveillance is continually improving. Today’s cameras can be subtle—to blend in and avoid detection—or placed in more obvious locations, serving as a deterrent. Whether a business’s security needs are extensive or basic, oversight is critical for security: It can help prevent problems like intruders by serving as an early-warning system and it can give your organization a big-picture view of how secure its structures are.

Controlled Access

Physical security technology also lets authorized professionals control who has access to different parts of your building. For instance, one Bay Area business owner may feel comfortable with a fob-based entry system combined with video surveillance from a remote location, while another may wish to have that along with San Jose security guards visible and on-site to oversee who gets in and out. Either way, technology is a key piece of the puzzle.

Security Builds Trust

Too many businesses overlook the role of physical security in building trust from customers. Something as simple as an ID-card system can be both an effective security measure and a way to reassure customers that your organization takes their protection seriously.

Would you feel comfortable leaving your car with a mechanic who is prone to leaving vehicles unlocked and in plain sight of the general public? Of course the answer is no! Your customers will feel the same way if they visit your premises and feel unsafe. Implementing the right technological measures can build feelings of ease and trust.

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