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What Must a Landlord Know About Apartment Security?

Ensuring that the building is free from criminal activities is a primary responsibility of the landlord. Just the way the landlord expects the tenant(s) to pay rent each month when they sign the lease, tenants also expect the landlord to make the apartment a safe dwelling place for them. Landlords not only have the responsibility of protecting their tenant from criminal acts but they also need to ensure that tenants are protected from illegal activities.

Recent reports have revealed that more and more landlords are being sued by tenants for injuries succumbed as a result of criminal activities. Settlement for this lawsuit can range anywhere from $100,000 to $1 million. So what can the landlord do make an apartment complex safer, and what should tenants look for before they move to a new property? Continue reading for the answers to these questions.

1. Meet all security laws

One important factor that tenants should always look for before moving to a new apartment is if the landlord has met or even exceeded security laws that have been put in place by the state. This includes ensuring that there is good security lighting system, efficient window locking system, and quality locks on doors.

2. Assess security situation around the rental property

A landlord should provide security to his tenant if he/she assesses that there is criminal activity happening in the local area. Once the crime level is well assessed, the landlord can hire a security patrol company to protect the tenants as well as their property. A security company can also provide valuable advice that will help protect tenants from criminal activities.

3. Handle tenants concerns promptly 

The landlord needs to act fast when a tenant reports any criminal concern. Fast response will not only help prevent criminal activity but will also make tenants feel that they are cared for. A landlord who fails to act fast on tenant complaints usually risk facing tougher penalties in case the tenant gets injured as a result of criminal activity, especially if the tenant made several complaints.

4. Fixing security problems fast

It is the responsibility of the landlord to conduct regular inspections on the building/complex and fix any problem that can compromise the security of the tenants. Regular inspections can help spot and fix security problems such as broken locks. Consulting tenants when inspecting and maintaining the security system can also go a long way in improving their safety. Hiring a physical security company is a great step in fixing and preventing further criminal activity.

Bay Area Security Guard Companies Can Help

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