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Home Security Tips From a Bay Area Security Company

Home security is becoming more and more of a necessity. There are many instances of burglary cases taking place all over the country, so you want to equip yourself to deal with these issues. Orion Security is a recognized Bay Area security company specializing in outstanding and affordable security services. Here are some of our key home security tips that will help improve you and your family’s safety. It is important to keep these in mind when preparing for an extended leave or even just a day at work:

1. Burglars almost always check outside your property for hidden spare keys. If you are concerned about locking yourself out of your home or car, leave your keys with a trusted neighbor. Also, it is important to NEVER leave a key sitting in a lock.

2. Never leave cash lying around that can be seen through windows or skylights. Thieves would find this very attractive.

3. Don’t leave laptops, game stations, or any other easily removable technology devices in plain view. Place these items in locked drawers or away from plain sight.

4. Install window locks to all easily accessible windows (except your emergency escape windows) as most burglars tend to gain entry through a window. Locks are relatively simple to install yourself or for more advanced solutions contact a local security company.

5. The doors and door frame on your property should be made of the strongest material possible. Install extra security locks on patio doors so that they cannot be lifted from their tracks. Any double doors should be fitted with lockable bolts at both the top and the bottom.

6. Protect your privacy by ensuring your electrical appliances such as TVs, stereos and, computers are not able to be seen through your windows. It is particularly important while you’re away to close the window blinds and consider using a timer on your lights and TV when you’re away so it looks and sounds like someone is at home.

7. When going on vacation do not make it obvious to intruders. Remember to cancel all newspaper deliveries and have the post office hold your mail while you’re away. Leaving a spare key with a trusted friend means they can check on your property regularly.

Orion Security is a Trusted Santa Clara Alarm Response Company

While these tips provide an excellent first line of defense against intruders, you may want to take your safety to the next step. At Orion Security we offer exceptional, round-the-clock alarm response for San Francisco Bay Area residents, businesses, and apartment complexes. We have been serving and protecting our community for over 35 years and have built our business on the values of trust and quality. Visit our website to find out how we can help you and your family stay safe and secure.

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