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It’s that time of the year again when spending time with family takes priority over business. Many shops close during the holidays at least for a few weeks. While you are having fun with your loved ones, are you assured of your business’s security? Research shows that burglary and vandalism are highest over the holidays. But that’s not all; the risk of fire, and damage from bad weather become more real when you are away. Below are tips from our Bay Area security guard company to keep your business safe and secure during this holiday season.

A Bay Area Security Company Shares How to Ensure Your Business is Secure During the Holidays

  1. Check to ensure that all security systems are working properly

Before you close shop and head for the holidays, test your locks, alarm response, and video recorders to ensure that they are working optimally.

  1. Prevent fire

Unplug unnecessary electronics from power. This will lessen the risk related to an electrical fire. Similarly, check to make sure that the fire detection and response system is working properly.

  1. Lock up properly

Lock up every point of entry before you go. Don’t forget the windows, the gates, and the bay doors.

  1. Keep your business premises well lit

Parking lots and backdoors are vulnerable points of break-ins. Keep the lights on at these places to discourage intruders.

  1. Inform your trusted neighbor or landlord that you are leaving for the holidays

Let them know that you aren’t going to be around for a period of time. You can use an extra pair of eyes, and ask them to keep an eye out for packages that may arrive while you’re away.

  1. Ask the Post Office to hold your mail

Mailboxes are a huge target around the holidays, so preventing mail delivery while you’re away is always a great idea.

  1. Upgrade your security system

From the alarming numbers of break-ins over the holidays, getting the latest security system is a no-brainer. A San Jose security company, like Orion Security, can help you install the latest remote monitoring security system so you can holiday with a peace of mind.

  1. Prevent water damage

Keep the interior warm so that pipes don’t freeze and burst; program your air conditioner never to go below 40 F for the time you will be away. Also, before you go, turn off all taps and drain your sewers.

  1. Move valuables away from the windows

Its typical to put up valuable merchandise on the windows for display. When you close up shop, however, remove all commodities from the window. You don’t want to tempt burglars to break in.

  1. Use the safe for cash and important documents

Your cash and checkbooks need to be locked in a safe. This is your back up in case there is a break–in. For installation, inspection and testing of your business’s security system, contact a local security company. Happy holidays.

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